Welcome to Holistic Online Training!  

Holistic Online training is not just another training modality. It combines:

  • Emotionally positive force-free and pain-free dog behavior modification  
  • Relationship-based dog training
  • Energy healing; Reiki* or Reconnective Animals™ **,
  • Trauma healing, ( emotional, physical, pre natal, etc.) 
  • Emotional and etheric attachment removal,
  • Nutritional guidance, 
  • Breed-specific job description and  exercise.

No other dog training modality combines a more complete body-mind-spirit approach. 

*) Usui Reiki for animals facilitated by Reiki Master Roman Gottfried.       

**) Reconnective Animals™ facilitated by Intuitive Healer Barbara Buck

how is online training better than In-home training? 

Online Training has many advantages over having a trainer coming into your home.

Mastiff online  meme.jpeg
  1. Your dog only gets information and education from you or your family
  2. Your dog does not feel the need to protect you or your home from an outsider
  3. Everything starts calmly with no stress or distractions
  4. The whole family can attend
  5. No travel costs are involved, so it saves you money
  6. More flexible appointments - I can be virtually everywhere ( you have reception)
  7. Even if you live in a remote location, you can schedule a sessions in less than 12 hours
  8. Improves the Dog-Parent/Dog relationship
  9. Faster results
I want to help empower you to become your dog’s best trainer.
— Roman Gottfried CPDT