Holistic Dog Parenting, Fostering and Shelter Workshops


The Holistic Dog Parenting, Foster and Shelter Workshops  are designed to give handlers the tools they need to practice the holistic approach when working with reactive, fearful, aggressive dogs, and dogs who’ve suffered from trauma.
When the Holistic Shelter workshop is completed, the handler will understand how dogs think in binary terms, using simple exercises to show how each individual dog has a different thinking pattern based on his breed, sex, age, experience, trauma and emotional intelligence.

Handlers learn how to deal with multiple dogs, how to handle aggression, complex disputes and behavioral issues, and how to incorporate healing methods like crystals, EFT, TTouch, Reiki and reconnective Healing etc.into dog training.
We will use diagrams, videos, and practical application to show how emotions and excitement can lead the dog from calmness to arousal, and what state of mind a dog is in at any given moment.

The Basic HDS workshops are for adopters, fosters, volunteers, vets, vet techs, and trainers.

Also this workshops are perfect for Nonprofit  Rescue, shelter, shelter-volunteer support group or welfare organisation you can receive financial support by applying with Maddie's Fund     

The Structure

The Holistic Shelter workshop is structured into a weekend intensive course. FRI 6-8pm, SAT 9-5pm, SUN 9-5pm The introduction will be a two hour lecture only on Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday will each have an eight hour workshop, with lectures and hands-on experience.  The lectures and workshops will also be streamed Live on Facebook in a closed group accessible only for those attended the class.  for those cannot attend in person can watch the video live or recorded .

What people have to say about these workshops

A post-workshop survey revealed:

  • Most participants gained a greater confidence in working with dogs’ excitement, trauma, reactivity, and being able to troubleshoot behaviors
  • Some people are still uncomfortable dealing with dog and human aggression
  • Most people feel more prepared to transition their foster dog into adoptive homes
  • Participants valued the live classes over the online classes
  • Fosters would like more hands on training, specifically with their own foster dogs, and more opportunities to watch experts work with challenging dogs

Taking this survey in consideration we adjusted our program to make it better.

Holistic Shelter Workshop Segments

The workshop incorporates 14 years of knowledge as a dog lover, dog parent, foster-parent , foster trainer, certified Dog trainer, and Holistic Intuitive Behaviorist. 

What you will learn


  • The Shortest Path from Shelter to Forever Home
  • Understanding Human/Dog Relationships and Their Dynamics
  •  Caretaker  and Dog Temperament Types
  • Dog Personality Traits and Soul Traits


  1. Setting Job Description, Rewards, and Corrections
  2. Reinforcing Dog Commands
  3. Troubleshooting  Human/Dog Relationship
  4. Understanding Relationships and Dynamics of Multiple Dog Homes
  5. Understanding Reactivity (Aggression)  and Disputes
  6. Dog Traits and Handling Disputes
  7. Excitement Control
  8. Excitement and Engagement
  9. Alternative Training and Healing Methods
  10. Behavior Troubleshooting


  1. How Trauma Affects Dogs
  2. Rehabilitation of Reactive Dogs with Trauma
  3. Nutrition and Supplements: How They Affect Dog Behavior
  4. Excitement Control in Multiple Dog Settings
  5. Excitement and Engagement: How to Address Disputes and Dogfights
  6. Summation, Questions and Answers
  7. Emotional Impact of Volunteering in Shelters and Its Effect on Dogs
  8. Using Alternative Healing to Heal and Train Your Dog

Price for  Holistic Shelter Workshop

Total price for workshop, which includes travel expenses: Please contact for quote.


Healing for Animals is a unique workshop that was created specifically for people who work with animals.

It incorporates Reiki, which is a powerful healing modality that is used for stress reduction and physical healing in people and animals, with natural healing methods to help bring a state of balance. It helps heal all types of illnesses, ailments, allergies, pre & post-surgical pet patients heal faster, it eases emotional issues, and can help dietary and eating issues.

It helps heal all types of illnesses, ailments, allergies, pre & post-surgical pet patients heal faster, it eases emotional issues, and can help dietary and eating issues.

What You’ll Learn

Day one: Five-hour workshop (certificate included)

Monday-Level 1

  • Introduction to energy healing 
  • Energetic structure of animals
  • Basic hands-on healing techniques
  • How to safely work with animals with trauma or aggression
  • Self-healing
  • Healing for Animals Reiki attunement with special symbol and certification

Day Two: Five-hour workshop (certificate included)

Participants receive their Level two attunement so that they can do distance and hands-off healing, which is useful when working with animals with trauma. Distance healing can also be used on objects and places that might retain negative emotions or energy, such as crates, beds, or treatment rooms. 

Tuesday-Level 2

  • Healing for Animals Reiki attunement with special symbol and certification
  • Different techniques for distance and hands-off healing
  • Learning the symbols
  • Using the symbols and energy for clearing objects and spaces
  • The Ethics of healing

Reiki Level I and II class is optional to the workshop and costs $150 per person including certificates and attunements. Minimum amount of students is 15.

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What do other attendees have to say about the Workshops?



What do other attendees have to say about the workshops?
"Roman, your workshop is helping me to understand Kibby's signals. As a novice, I have learned important basics and can see the difference in Kibby's changes. Sit, Stay, Down, Bed are instructions she now follows. Having a routine is important, too. There is so much more for me to review and learn. Thank you." -Suzanne Sherman- Volunteer Friends of Austin Shelter
"This workshop was a great way for our fosters to build on skills they use every day with their current foster pups, and with future fosters as well. The relationships built over the course of the workshop are invaluable to the ongoing success of all the programs at Friends of Austin Animal Shelter." - Jonathan Hogue Board President, Friend of Austin Animal Center

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