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  • Jo C. Jan 2, 2017

    Dog Training - Private Lessons

     Verified Review

    Amazing First Session!

    We have had our first dog training session and it was highly successful. Our greyhound, Bentley, was needing some assistance in understanding what we needed him to do and we needed assistance in how to tell him! In just a short time during the first session, Roman built trust with Bentley and had him walking outside which had been a struggle. We have a few more sessions scheduled and I look forward to all the progress we will make!

  • dawnielle c. Oct 31, 2016

    Dog Training - Private Lessons

     Verified Review

    If I Was A Dog, Paws Down I'd Pick Roman As My Owner!!!

    We've just begun training!!! I am very excited to learn more about the relationship my dogs have with me!!! After 10 minutes of being here Roman told me many things about the actions and interactions Mr. Fred and Mr. Shrimpton were having with each other as well as myself!!! None of which had much at all to do with anything I had known up till that point, and absolutely everything to do with what I see now!!! Thankyou,

  • Raelena M. Oct 14, 2016

    Dog Training - Private Lessons

     Verified Review

    Hire him

    So patient. He is great. I can't wait for our next lesson.

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