Barbara Buck, Reconnective Healing ®  Practitioner 

Barbara Buck, Reconnective Healing® Practitioner 

I can't find better words about Barbara's work. She is a gifted, mind-blowing, eye-opening, awakening, Reconnecting healer. 

As a Holistic Dog Behaviorist, Reiki Master, Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, and Akashic Records Reader, I use her services for both local and distance clients, to work on complex behavior issues that involve emotional trauma, healing, or energy balancing. We work as a team to solve complex human-dog relationships and behavior issues with dogs that everyone else has given up on. 

For remote Reconnective Healing® for animals, the price is $75. If you schedule a package and buy sessions through me, the price is only $50. If you need an on-call visit, price depends on distance. Please contact her HERE.

Holistic Pet Shops Local Arizona 

We refer our East Phoenix Clients to Bark Avenue. It has been happily serving pets in Mesa, Arizona for over 30 years. Whether your pet needs boarding, daycare, grooming, a vet visit, or trip to the pet store, they have what you need! In each department they have experts to help guide you and your pet in the direction that works for your lifestyle. Teamwork is so important, everyone’s compassion for animals and extensive knowledge makes Bark Avenue such a unique place. They truly want to give pets and their owners one place to keep their furry family healthy and comfortable for all their needs.

Our effort to give a holistic experience we partnered with Bark Avenue and provide now

  • Holistic Pet Parenting Education Classes
  • Small classes and individual session for reactive dogs
  • Leash classes for strong and large breeds. 
  • Love My Vet Visit clases for fearfull dogs. 

 Force free, Pain Free Breed appropriate Training classes, so our Clients have a one stop shop experience. 

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We trust sending our clients to Pet Planet because they are trained nutritionists at work. When I'm working with dogs with behavior issues, I need to make sure that stress caused by lack of nutrition, or inflammation caused by allergies are not creating additional stress. Being your dog's Authority/Guardian means providing what's healthy and breed appropriate. Dogs need to trust authority to continue to exhibit "trustworthy" behavior. Providing Quality and Value are the first two principles that make us successful. This philosophy is one of the things that sets Pet Planet apart from other pet food suppliers, as a Quality service provider we can only recommend our clients to the best resources in town.

We prefer to shop at Pet Planet College Park in Mesa. Find the nearest Location.

Visit one of the multiple stores in Arizona and receive a $10 gift coupon for your first dog training session with us. 



BrEED specific Rescues i RECOMMEND

National Great Pyrenees Rescue  - Has several Certified Holistic Foster homes that sure have a awesome Great Pyrenees for adoption

Austin Pets Alive (APA)