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 I'm happy to see people like you caring for their animals by showing interest in how to balance your animal's body, mind, and spirit. We have more in common than we previorsly thought. 

Animals are important to humans

You're likely to see animals as very special because you feel how important they are to humans. You're also likely to be an empath and concerned about providing the best life for your pet.
People who are very connected to animals are often lightworkers and healers. It seems we have much in common. You probably want to learn how to improve your relationship with your pet, help your pet be his best self, and also learn how your animals can help you on your path.

Everything truly is connected to everything else! I am truly grateful to Roman for the wonderful work he’s doing.
— Betsy Campisi, PhD

How your pet can help you

Before we incarnated on this planet, animals of all species prepared the environment for us. They offered their bodies to help us learn about ourselves. This has been going on for thousands of years, despite human abuse of animals across the planet.  They protected us and shared our company. By holding space for us, animals are able to help us stay grounded and anchored in this matrix as much as possible. They are in harmony with us and with each other, and keep the energies of the planet in balance.

Our domestic dogs are descended from wolves and jackals and though they may not have gained in cunning, and may have lost in wariness and suspicion, yet they have progressed in certain moral qualities, such as affection, trust-worthiness, temper, and probably in general intelligence.
— Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871)

Some of us are here to heal the grid, some to anchor it, and others are supporting the system.  We are learning about social interactions, and one day we'll bring this knowledge back to the place we came from.  
During our incarnation process, we asked for support from other lightbeings to help us with our work. Family, friends, partners,  and animals volunteered to play roles that will help us grow, learn, and be of service to humanity. "Everything is truly connected to everything else" 
You created your own reality and your pet volunteered  to help you stay on your path.  

Animals and humans

"It's probably not going to surprise you that we say that the connection between horses and humans is a powerful one! Horses are also extremely social and family oriented. In a herd, a horse's life depends on his relationship with the family. In a herd, there is acceptance, discipline, and confidence  required to be a member. They are extraordinary communicators, and for a human to be in the presence of the herd is very beneficial for that human." writes Amanda Moore founder of

What makes horses special? 


For the Iberian horseman, steeped in the lore of Atlantis, these legends are invitations to a mystical inner world where a person becomes both self-directed and a conduit for God. That world epitomizes a psychic space where the individual can learn to become an original, shaped by infinite challenges and trials. This is ... When equestrians reside in Atlantis, even if it is just in the imagination, harmony and friendship with animals become the ideal and the guiding principle for their lives.
— Horses and the Mystical Path - By Adele Von Rust McCormick, Thomas McCormick


how i can help

 With my Cane Corso Mugsy

With my Cane Corso Mugsy

I'm a certified dog trainer and holistic behaviorist, Usui Reiki master, intuitive healer, etheric clearing practitioner and certified akashic records reader. I've lived with animals since I was born. My family moved a lot, and my only friends were animals. I've had experience with dogs, cats, birds, boars, goats, piglets, chicken, horses, cows....

I love animals and I always want to improve their lives. Just like you, i want to find my path, help others, help my pets, heal my trauma, do my work as a lightworker, and be successful in my mission. 


What's the goal?

My goal is to help you and your animal family achieve what you all came here for!

I can help you get back on track and integrate mind/body/spirit balancing.  This will  improve your relationship with your animal family, and help you and your pets heal any blockages that are caused by emotional trauma, contracts or past life incidents. This will greatly improve your animal's behavior and often improves their overall health.  By raising your vibration, you can help your pet to reach her/his highest energetic potential. 

Where is this knowledge coming from?

This means that a dog will have all of the basic emotions: joy, fear, anger, disgust and even love.
— Stanley Coren, Ph.D., FRSC., is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.

In my early childhood, I recognized that all mammal that interact emotionally with humans, especially dogs, play an important role in people's lives. I had many different mammals in my life, foxes, goats, piglets, sheep, dogs, cats. Dogs however where the most advanced in my life.
As a dog trainer and behaviorist, I observed that many dogs with behavior issues had similar traumas and/or health conditions as their owners. I also observed that in many cases, the dogs expressed opposite (mirror) emotions, or  the underlying suppressed emotions of their owners.

For example the Native Americans understood that even though dogs resided in the human camp they had a close kinship with coyotes and wolves. Because of these relationships, dogs occupied and operated on several levels: they connected the wild and the tame, and they joined nature and culture. Even though dogs were seen as almost human, they were also known to be carnivores and, as such, were linked not only to wolves, coyotes, and foxes but also to bears and jaguars. On the one hand, dogs were esteemed as companions, hunters, and guards.

Among the many animals buried in Egypt, dogs are amongst the most commonly found. In the cases of ritual (votive) deposits, the dogs (Canis lupus familaris) are buried in groups together, far from any human remains. A handful of pet burials indicate that dogs were buried near their owners. However, recent excavations in the Fayum and Baharia Oases have yielded a hitherto unknown type of deposit, containing both dog and human remains. This paper will explore, in a preliminary study, the phenomenon of joint human and canid burials in Graeco-Roman Egypt and try to understand the precise meaning and nature of these assemblages.

"In around 400 BC, the Greek physician Ctesias wrote an intriguing and detailed account of the Cynocephali of the mountains of India. 
The Greek historian Herodotus (lived in the fifth century BC) also wrote much on the existence of such creatures, which he claimed ancient Libyans believed inhabited the lands east of their own. He would say of them:

For the eastern side of Libya, where the wanderers dwell, is low and sandy, as far as the river Triton; but westward of that the land of the husbandmen is very hilly, and abounds with forests and wild beasts… Here too are the dog-faced creatures, and the creatures without heads, whom the Libyans declare to have their eyes in their breasts.

So there was an entire Culture of humanoid-dogs that we were not aware of... what does this mean? 
Humans and dogs are connected in a mysterious way. We are linked together. Old contracts, and experiences that might affect us in the present time. Maybe there is more to that and we don't know for sure until we experience it ourselves. Read more here.

But this might be a myth and we should take it with a grain of salt. 

How can we combine animals and human healing?

Trauma and stuck emotion creates energetic blockages and cause disease in the body.  In many cultures we can find the importance of energetic hygiene, and ancient people used rituals, exercise, and meditations to keep themselves clean and grounded.
Animals in nature do this naturally. However, in in modern humanity animals can't do that anymore. Modern farming, feeding, new animal husbandry, the way we house our pets, zoos, and parks don't give animals the resources they need to be in balance. 
Animals get sick, and spreading diseases  only confirm that this is not the right way.
When pets enter our personal space they can become imbalanced, which causes them stress, illness, behavior issues, and influence the pet's ability to help his human partner in his ascension process
My work with animal shelters, rescues, and local and international clients has taught me that it can be changed. 
After many years of observation and hands-on behavior healing-transformation experience, I saw the need to create a behavior-healing system that integrates intuitive healing, energy medicine, as well as science-based behavior applications using a strong human animal-bond as the base of my approach.


How does Synergetic Healing work? 

It may combine:

  • Systemic Family Constellation, to trace trauma in family lines.
  • Reconnective healing, to help people and dogs return to an optimal state of energetic balance
  • Etheric Attachments Clearing, helps with clearing the energetic layers from foreign attachments 
  • Akashic Reading helps to access events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent  that occurred in the past, present, or future that affects the present relationship between owner and dog. 
  • Intuitive Body System Scan, helps me look into several layers of the animals physical energetic systems. 
  • Etheric, emotional, and mental Body System Scan, helps clearing any attachments that come from contracts, fear or violent interactions, that can create blockages in the physical body. 
  • Etheric Template Body Scan. Balancing the a blueprint of the lower etheric body and where matter is shaped into the physical aspect. 

What does this do to my dog?

Having a balanced energetic field, free of interference, blockages and attachments, your dog will be free to reach his highest potential.   

How do i benefit from this?

From my understanding, research and comparing with ancient scripts and traditions dogs  when you decide to incarnate 

All animals of the same formation share a Group soul, a Group ego. Here on the physical plane we see the animals moving around, and each has a physical body, an etheric body and an astral body.
— Rudolf Steiner Frankfurt-on-Main 2nd February, 1908

In more advanced relationships, for example human-dog relationships, both can share healing energy through an emotional interaction.  Human and animals tend to share and exchange energy.  


What have people to say about that?


"Roman just got done working on my dog Pong. I have had Reiki done on my dogs and relative to that this was mind-blowing. Roman can scan your dog for internal organ and skeleton problems, including blockages and attachments that sometimes get there through the relationship with the owner.

Roman scanned Pong and led through the experience of him clearing out health and energy issues. Not only was everything really accurate (I had just taken him to the vet for UTI issues), but the fact that some of the emotional blocks we experience, and which our dogs pick up, come down to us through our family lineage was mind-blowing. So, we're healing the dog but we're also healing the family lineage, going back to the country of origin. Everything truly is connected to everything else! I am truly grateful to Roman for the wonderful work he's doing." - Betsi Campisi, PhD -Program coordinator at University at Albany 

I've had 3 crystal dreaming sessions. At first I was pretty skeptical that I would go into an "altered state". I'm trained in hypnotherapy and still have a hard time going into a relaxed state, so I was surprised at how quickly it worked! Crystal dreaming makes it easy to connect with my higher self to receive guidance, so when I'm feeling really stuck, I ask Roman for a session. His loving, intuitive guidance helps me move through the session effortlessly, so that i can get to the answer i need. Everyone should try it at least once.

His loving, intuitive guidance helps me move through the session effortlessly, so that i can get to the answer i need.
— Barbara Buck- Intuitive healer

So I come from a family of dog breeders and handlers. My grandma and grandpa used to co-own UKC and both my grandma and mother are "famous" in the dog show world. I've personally also had a lot of experience with dogs as I was raised with 20+ and followed in my mom's footsteps as a dog-lover. I don't mention any of this for any other reason other than that I believe my testimony really goes to show that even the most experienced owners who have been "training" & raising dogs for decades can benefit from the support Roman can offer.

During our session, Roman helped me see and comprehend the spiritual purpose that dogs have when they come into our lives. Specifically he guided me to observe the purpose of each of my 5 dogs have within my own life. He facilitated a discovery of how dogs have been essential to my growth process and how they have helped shape my family's life and relationship together. Every question I asked him, he had a thoughtful response to and one that I could fit into my context of understanding easily. Since Roman and I do similar styles of energy healing, I was able to resonate and pick up on a lot of themes that were discussed such as:
-diet & compulsive poop eating
-birth trauma, generational trauma, breeding trauma, and in-utero trauma
-dog sociology--relationships between dogs
-dog psychology--why dogs do certain things, constraints dogs have that humans don't
-artificial insemination and the effects of forced breeding
-a dog's mission/purpose
-how a dog's behavior can mirror its owner's healing process
-how to clear a dog energetically
-what happens to a dog's energy when they exchange owners

During our session, Roman helped me see and comprehend the spiritual purpose that dogs have when they come into our lives. Specifically, he guided me to observe the purpose of each of my 5 dogs has within my own life. He facilitated a discovery of how dogs have been essential to my growth process and how they have helped shape my family’s life and relationship together. ...
Most of all, I feel like I hold a deeper understanding of the relationships between each of my dogs and I, therefore, I am able to proceed with confidence in correcting unwanted behaviors.
— Aubrey Hart-Healing Practitioner and photographer

I am looking forward to making progress with all of the new insights Roman offered me. It was truly an enlightening conversation especially since I felt pretty confident about my knowledge and wisdom around dogs and training them. There is always more to learn and Roman has a lot to offer in this realm! I would definitely recommend him and I feel excited to make some shifts in my dog handling abilities. Most of all, I feel like I hold a deeper understanding of the relationships between each of my dogs and I, therefore, I am able to proceed with confidence in correcting unwanted behaviors. - Aubrey Hart

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