Roman is a Certified Dog Trainer and Holistic Behaviorist, Reiki Master and Energy  Healing Practitioner. He is integrating mind/body/spirit balancing and improving people's relationships with their dogs.  This helps owners raise their vibration and dogs reach their highest potential. 
Since 2007, Roman’s vision is that dog owners should know how to teach their dogs the moral, ethical and social skills. Force and pain-free, with love and affection, learning can be fun and bonding. No matter where they live.


Holistic Dog Training or Holistic Dog Parenting is an emotional relationship based method that uses the law of nature that a whole is made up of interdependent parts.

An individual dog is more than just an animal to be controlled.  Emotions, energy, and health are all involved in creating and maintaining a positive human/dog relationship naturally, for life.  

Holistic approach addresses all of these elements so that they can  exist in harmony to create a “naturally” great dog. (Secret: It also makes the trainer - that’s you - happier, too!)

I do this with clients around the globe, both in person and online.Holistic training does not subscribe to Dominance or Alpha theory where the dog owner relies on fear, threat or power imbalance in order to get the dog to obey (I believe that this creates an ongoing battle, one you’d likely rather not fight forever, and, moreover, compulsive training can cause even BIGGER problems down the road).  

I work with dog’ guardians to correct and balance the system, strengthen trust and communication, and tap into your dog’s natural tendencies, skills, and breed-specific needs.
No one is better suited to teach his dog moral and ethical skills than his guardian.
— - Roman Gottfried - CPDT

This approach creates a happy, well-adjusted dog who is tuned into you and who naturally WANTS to obey.  No more power struggle, nor more frustration.   

The holistic approach coaches you to develop a happy, healthy, well-adjusted dog who yearns to please because you learn to effectively convey that you are his #1 trusted guide.
— Roman Gottfried
As a result, you improve your connection, your communication, and your dog obeys with pleasure, respect and focus on you-- NOT because you've “dominated” him, but because you've taught him that being in good behavior is the happiest, healthiest, most loving and rewarding way for him to be
My holistic methods work quickly and powerfully, and  in far fewer sessions than most trainers need. 
Your bonded connection with your dog, facilitated by my coaching, will provide you with the confidence and tools for  a happy, well-behaved, best friend for life.
I believe anyone can learn to be a master trainer of their own dog. Yes, even when there are “BIG” problems to solve!.


...and our first call changed my whole outlook!
— https://www.facebook.com/romansk9training/reviews


YES!  You can learn to be your dog’s best trainer, in the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world.  Using online video chat, I personally guide you and your pet toward a happier, more peaceful relationship.  When we partner to train your dog via Skype, Facetime or other app, YOU are the star of the show, “the only trainer in the room”, working directly with your dog (with my careful guidance).

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 It’s convenient,

and it works!  

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Your bonded connection with your dog, facilitated by my coaching, will provide you with the confidence and tools for a happy, well-behaved, best friend for life.  I believe anyone can learn to be a master trainer of their own dog (yes, even when there are “big” problems to solve!).