Are you local to Phoenix-AZ and in need of training help? 

There is more to training than obedience and obeying commands. Take the lead with love and know-how as you learn to truly unleash your dog's potential.

I visit clients in the Phoenix Metro, including Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, TempeMesa and Glendale  to provide dog training and behaviour modification for dogs with any types of problems.

You will learn from me how to handle your dog in a force free manner and  transform the unwanted behaviour into a clear job description.

My worldwide proven science based dog training methods not only empower the dog owner to handle their dog with more confidence but I also provide the tools necessary for your dog to reach his highest potential.

With one of the highest rehabilitation success rates in the country, i offer the best and fastest results for your dog, i will  break down the process so that you are able to maintain the progress long term.

The first session made me realize that I had no idea just how insecure Pancake is with people. That happened in the first session when you tested his emotional reflexes, if you will. That was an eye-opener.

The second A-HA moment came during the second session when I saw you walk Pancake by the other dog 5 minutes after starting the session. Then it really became clear that Pancake lost it with the other dog (when I was walking him) because of my poor leash handling skills, anxiety, lack of confidence and failure to establish myself as his protector.
— Jean F. Scottsdale AZ

You will experience what a great dog you have and you will  communicate with her/him  like a dog whisperer.

To learn more about local training packages, contact me, or  if you want to discuss what the best option is for you, schedule a Behavior Diagnostic Session  

In-Home Initial Training Session
45 minutes $120
Many people see huge improvement with their first session. You will learn what your dog is struggling with, and we will be able to improve the situation.

In Home Premium Consultation
90 minutes  $160

Best for complex behavior issues such as aggression   

In Home Follow up Training session
45 minutes - (only possible after initial or premium session) Rate: $ 120


Training Bundles


Adoption Bundle

Premium Dog Adoption Package

Pre-Adoption Consultation: ($160 if bought separately)at your home


Duration: 90 minutes

Every dog parent has unique needs. We narrow down what the best options for you are based on your level of experience; from dog breed, temperament, age, activity level, and if you are a multi-dog home or have other pets, like cats, bunnies, etc. I check your living space for dog friendliness, safety, and help you make a list for what you might need. I also will go over the costs for owning a dog depending on size and breed, so you can create a budget.

Finding Your New Family Member: ($120 if bought separately)at the shelter*

60 minutes

I evaluate two or three dogs you are interested in adopting or owning for behavior, suitability, and temperament. Let’s make sure the dog you pick is given the best opportunity to become a healthy, happy member of your family
*) $0,55/mileage fee applies for distances over 15 miles from AZ-85012

4 Training Sessions ($120 per session if bought separately)

45 minutes per session

The four sessions will go over everything you need to have a well-behaved happy dog that you have a great relationship with. its a 4 week long ( wee meet once a week) The sessions include:

-Your dog’s first 48 hours; decompression and integrating into the family safely and calmly

-Basic nutritional information

-Creating a relationship using unique exercises that will make your dog WANT to follow commands instead of forcing or shaming him into it.

-Leash work and basic commands like sit, down, etc.

-Crate training

-Preparing your dog for pet professional visits like the vet or groomer.

-Socialization with people and other dogs.


2 “Emergency” Online Sessions ($57 per session if bought separately)

20 minutes per session

We can set these up as needed for one problem=one solution. An example would be if your dog is having problems greeting people and you want to have a party, I can walk you through what to do virtually in real time. I use FaceTime, Facebook video, Skype, or Hangouts to help you with the issue, so that I don’t “take over” the process. These appointments are mentoring sessions that are used after your four training sessions.