Roman is a certified dog trainer and holistic behaviorist, reiki master, intuitive healer and etheric clearing practitioner. He is integrating mind/body/spirit balancing and improving people's relationships with their dogs, and help them both heal from trauma, fear and improve their health with support of each other.  This helps owners raise their vibration and dogs reach their highest potential. 
Since 2007, Roman’s recognized that pets and especially dogs play an important role in the owners life.
He observed that many dogs with behavior issues had similar traumas and/or health conditions with their owners. it was also observed that in many cases the dogs expressed opposite emotions, expressing the owners underlying suppressed emotions. These create energetic blockages that   After many years of observations and hands on behavior healing-transformation Roman created a healing system that integrates, intuitive healing, that people can find

 Even tough dogs are friendly in nature and avoid conflict is that dog owners should know how to teach their dogs the moral, ethical and social skills. Force and pain-free, with love and affection, learning can be fun and bonding. No matter where they live.

I reached out to the best human healers and masters to learn more whats beyond our visible field, learned a lot and i had the experienced it on me, but there was not much known about animals, and how it affects their behavior.
In 2006 learned about Systemic Family Constellation and Reconnective healing by a friend and great healer Katia Alexiou in greece that opened my mind into Quantum healing and string theory but i could not yet connect this application to dog behavior modification. 
Being an empathy and having some intuitive skills, i soon realized that Reiki is a great tool to work with. After years of practicing Usui Reiki on people and animals, i become a Reiki Master, and was able to help my clients remotely. 
in 2015 i become a certified Chrystal Dreaming™ practitioner which open a new door into quantum healing. 

10 years would pass and i would cross the Atlantic after i did my personal Reconnective healing session, before i met Barbara Buck who was a Certified Reconnective Practitioner and intuitive Healer for over 17 years. She had just arrived in Austin to the words first reconnective healing for animals workshop (BETA) i was called to volunteer with two dogs for people to practice on...What a blessing to see stressed dogs calm down in seconds. 


I decided to add Reconnective healing as preparation for remote sessions and when i was working with aggressive dogs. It Helped the dogs connect faster and clear their perception of their surrounding.