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Holistic Dog Foster Training Workshop for Long Stay Dogs In #1 Non Kill City Austin Texas

Holistic Foster Training Workshop for Long Stay Dogs

Improving Skills and Supporting Our Valued and Appreciated Foster Community Friends of AAC, Austin Animal CenterBarbara Buck-Reconnective Healing Practitioner, and Roman’s K-9 Training with a grant from Maddie's Fund recently partnered in a first-ever foster training workshop for shelter dog foster parents. This three-week, focused workshop was designed to provide fosters for Austin Animal Center’s medium and large dogs with additional skills and support to care for and successfully build paths to adoption for the Center’s long-stay dogs. In many cases, these longer-stay dogs may have challenges that create barriers to adoption that a prepared foster can overcome.... read more

"This workshop was a great way for our fosters to build on skills they use every day with their current foster pups, and with future fosters as well. The relationships built over the course of the workshop are invaluable to the ongoing success of all the programs at Friends."-Jonathan Hogue - Board President, Friends of Austin Animal Center

Puppy biting and how to prevent it.

Ask your puppy to sit when the puppy is 2-3ft away. ( if the puppy does not know to sit > teach the puppy to sit here is how.
If you don't happen to know the command sit, stop moving when she bites and then, when she releases on her own, offer her a pet or the toy or a treat, and praise. The idea is to teach your dog that good things happen when your puppy keeps his/her dissidence and sits politely. Mouthing and nipping
 are natural behaviors for Puppies but unwanted in dogs.

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